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Diamond Logistics Alcohol Fulfilment

Experts in the imbibing AND delivery of alcohol!

Alcohol Fulfilment

Diamond Logistics has been licenced fulfillers of alcohol since 2019.

Whether you create and sell artisan beers, cocktails, mixers, spirits or alcohol free alternatives, diamond is a fulfilment solution you can trust. From single units to more complex multi packs we have plenty of experience picking, packing, despatching and managing any delivery queries or exceptions – so you can get on and build your business.

We really understand what it takes to ensure your drinks are delivered – looking and tasting great. In fact our CEO, Kate Lester, personally tests every new diamond drinks client by ordering and stocking them in her very own bar. Look out for our client’s products to be featured on our YouTube channel very soon!

And we understand the importance of the market. Figures reported by the Food & Drinks Federation in December 2020 show that food and drink manufacturing contributed £28bn to the UK economy. Diamond is ready and able to support its alcohol clients as they scale and contribute to this thriving sector.

Read our article with specialist drinks client Sacred Spirit on their successful fulfilment operation for some tips on how you could improve yours.

Our Fulfilment Centre Team Leader is the registered license holder, so you can rest assured that we are up to date with the most recent guidelines and requirements.

Ready to chat now? Book a meeting with our Network Commercial Manager Emma Whitaker by calling her directly on 07341 482 514 or by clicking here.

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Why Use Our Alcohol Fulfilment Service?

We are able to deal with a variety of delivery destinations – local, national and global. We also have variety of delivery types; whether direct to consumer, to retailer or into Amazon - however if you want to be FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) then we are probably not the right fulfilment centre for you. We can even deliver same day from 30 + UK wide locations. Urgent party requests welcome!

Fulfilment works best with 50+ consignments a week. However, unlike most eCommerce providers, we are happy to support launch brands. We have scaled 100’s of businesses online and are truly dedicated to you expanding your drinks brand.

Useful facts:
• Diamond Logistics is a licenced provider
• We have inhouse packaging expertise
• We offer a technology led solution
• Our system can integrate with your channels, market places and all our selected carriers
• We offer local, national and global delivery
• We’re leaders in sameday, overnight and international delivery
• We B2B, D2C, B2C experts

Please note: We are not a bonded warehouse or a warehouse to support Amazon-only brands.

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