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Amazon sales slow – do DSPs need to diversify?

Amazon has seen incredible growth, well always, frankly, but in the early years of the pandemic it has scaled exponentially and on it grew many Delivery Service Providers – building millions in local revenue by delivering the multitudes of parcels ordered from the worlds largest eCommerce store. 


Of course, we are going to say look at a Diamond Network Partnership – as we have multiple DSPs already invested – from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Warwick to Bicester – we have multiple network partners who ‘saw the light’ and decided that it was prudent to diversify.   But there is a caveat. And that’s that you need to sell.  Parcels locally from the client base you are going to establish for yourself – for local companies – do not simply fly into the back of your vans – you do need to build a rapport, sell your services and engage with local companies direct to stabilise your long term income.  


Exterior Team-3-1We have DSPs signing 8-9 new accounts a month. With our network average client spend of £800-900 a month that's building a valuable annual future revenue. With a Diamond Network Partnership you get access to 3 services, managed on our one stop logistics platform, Despatchlab – from Same Day courier, to Overnights and Internationals and eCommerce Fulfilment which build 3 stable long term income streams – with multiple clients giving long term stability. With 30 geographies in the UK, Diamond is a 30 year old company with a proven track record in supporting logistics professionals build a diverse and stable company for their long term future.  


A Network Partnership gives you a full suite of training, support, help desk, education and even inbound leads (albeit it the onus is on our Network partners to develop their own sales pipeline) to support you developing your business. You’ll get hands on support with on site launches and a simple local sales process that we know works because we do it every day from our headquarters in Guildford. 


Diamond Logistics-Feb-2022-Navy-Studios-117of149-3-1If you think this is exactly what you need for your logistics business check out our Network partner page here and our Network Partner FAQ page here. To discuss our current Network Partner opportunities, call us on 0333 567 5888, email us at npsales@diamondlogistics.co.uk or complete the below Contact Form:


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