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It’s a tough job testing our alcohol eCommerce fulfilment process.....

By Diamond Logistics founder Kate Lester


Sometimes my job is really tough.....particularly as part of my job is to test the eCommerce process of many of our fulfilment clients. And, we seem to have a predominance of drinks brands, particularly in Guildford, my job is to order loads of online booze, which I then feel compelled to enjoy, sharing it with my friends, in my very own bar.....which happens to be at the back of my house! 

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28-Jun-2022 17:12:57

‘The Rum Insiders’ - Diamond Logistics Alcohol Fulfilment UK

Written by Diamond Logistics Founder, Kate Lester.


One of the newest clients to join Diamond Logistics for our alcohol licensed fulfilment is Kromanti Rum, a distillery and blending house run by Cashain David. 

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27-Jun-2022 09:59:23

Surviving 30 years....its all about people.

Diamond Logistics Founder & CEO, Kate Lester

"I do not know if I should be congratulated or committed but it was our 30th birthday last week. You can see our blog on our 30 years in Despatches this month and our plans for the future.  

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21-Mar-2022 14:36:48

Diamond Logistics - Despatches March 2022

Welcome to this month’s edition of Despatches.

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14-Mar-2022 13:18:43

Christmas 2021 letter from Kate Lester

Diamond Logistics Founder and CEO, Kate Lester

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17-Dec-2021 08:50:51

7 Top tips for your eCommerce website - from an online shopping addict

I buy A LOT online and will be featuring our clients in my blogs moving forwards. Whilst I have been testing all their sites I have learnt a lot and I thought I’d share it with you to make your online business even more successful. 

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22-Nov-2021 17:29:41

8 tips for retailers for peak planning & performance

By Kate Lester, CEO and founder of Diamond Logistics. 

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18-Oct-2021 15:47:59

See What Our Clients Say

Thanks for all of you who engaged in our Client Survey. In standard Diamond style there was quite a lot of bribery involved, but the results were worthwhile.

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17-Sep-2021 14:41:51

Calls for EU nationals to alleviate HGV driver shortage

If Ministers don’t act now, the driver shortage could lead to food waste and inflation. Kate Lester, CEO and founder of diamond logistics, reflects on this urgent issue, and her bold message for Government. 

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29-Jun-2021 15:24:20

What is Same Day delivery?

Kate Lester, CEO and founder of Diamond Logistics, explains Same Day Delivery. 

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13-May-2021 09:48:38

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