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Blaze Logistics joins Diamond Logistics network

Edinburgh-based courier – Blaze Logistics – has joined the Diamond Logistics network to grow its eCommerce fulfilment client base and serve customers in Edinburgh, Livingston, Bathgate, Motherwell and Airdrie. 

Blaze Logistics is at the forefront of Diamond’s expansion into Scotland, an important step in Diamond’s ambitious nationwide growth programme. 

Blaze Logistics, headed up by Joseph Smith, has grown at a phenomenal pace in the last year. It started as a  Amazon Delivery Service Provider, covering five routes, and has now reached 30 routes per day, establishing a reputable SameDay operation in the local market. 

Blaze Logistics is now set to extend and expand as a Diamond logistics Network Partner.  

Joseph shares why he chose Diamond: “I don’t want my business to be over-reliant on one customer. I’ve focused a great deal of energy and attention on complimentary revenue streams over the last year, and the diamond opportunity is a logical fit.  

“By becoming a diamond Network Partner we have the opportunity to offer overnight services to all clients, which we don’t currently have. This in turn will make our SameDay offer a more compelling proposition to them.” 

The technologydespatchlabis also what I was looking for. 

Despite the challenges some businesses are facing due to Brexit complications and COVID-19 restrictions, logistics remains a vibrant and critical service. 

diamond logistics has been supporting traditional carrier business models to pivot on-line and support eCommerce businesses to scale-up. The Diamond operation is well positioned to navigate its way through the complications of Brexit, which its Network Partners will receive expert advice and support on. 

diamond’s founder and CEO, Kate Lester, welcomes the new team. “We look forward to supporting Joseph and his team whilst they support businesses local to them. Their commitment and professionalism means our first steps in Scotland are confident and passionate. 

“Our National Coverage means we now have service centres extending from Edinburgh to Plymouth, bringing SameDay fulfilment and delivery to the whole of the UK. The only network of its kind, Diamond is unique in its combination of local micro-fulfilment centres with SameDay eCommerce fulfilment capability from both traditional retailers and our own warehouses.  

“It’s all managed on our one-stop logistics platform, Despatchlab. It gives our customers the latest technology and services twinned with owner managed local centres. Exactly the kind of logistics partner that a modern business needs to grow.” 


About Blaze Logistics 

Blaze Logistics is Diamond logistics’ first Network Partner in Scotland, an important step in Diamond’s ambitious nationwide expansion programme. 

Blaze Logistics, headed up by Joseph Smith, has grown at a phenomenal pace in the last year. It started with Amazon, covering five routes, and has now reached 30 routes per day, and established a reputable SameDay operation in the local market. 


Contact Blaze Logistics:

Email edinburgh@diamondlogistics.co.uk or call 0131 6186 865



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