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Can I track the progress of my Same Day courier package?

Skip to 1.16 in video for information on our state-of-the-art technology.


Our CEO says that our Same Day courier is so quick that if you have time to track your Same Day consignment with Diamond Logistics, then you maybe aren't busy enough at work!

Obviously, the clients that have been using us for years relax after booking knowing that we proactively manage all your logistics and make sure your package will be delivered as soon as possible.

They also know that digital proof will be available the minute our courier achieves it.

If this still isn’t enough information for you, we also have just the technology to keep you informed on every aspect of your delivery.


Despatchlab by Diamond Logistics

We know it’s great to have a bit of reassurance when it comes to business, so with Despatchlab you can go from booking, to despatch, to vehicle allocation and delivery all on our platform, tracking every minute of your parcels journey whilst it is in the hands of our couriers.

But the technology has more benefits than merely being able to track your parcels.

You can book a Same Day delivery online – which is simple. You can access your usage history and get any information you require within a few clicks of a mouse. You can get live quotes to compare, as well as access your invoices, both paid and outstanding.

All of this, in one handy to use logistics platform.

Plus, if you use the other services of Diamond Logistics, like Overnight shipping, International deliveries and even our Fulfilment services, you get access to all of these services as well, all on one super easy to use Client Interface.

It really is your one-stop logistics platform.

And there’s more!

A final bonus of our great technology is that it enables us to track our fleet’s empty vehicles and to utilise them for cost-effective ‘return’ loads.

This minimalises the ecological cost, maximises utilisation and makes for happy drivers that are often getting return loads to take them home.

It also means, where possible, that if we have an empty vehicle near your collection going back to your desired destination there may well be a diamond vehicle clear that can take your goods for a slightly reduced price as they were going there anyway!

A bonus to both clients and drivers of Diamond Logistics' Same Day courier service.



It is always beneficial to be in the loop when it comes to eCommerce deliveries.

With Diamond Logistics, you are informed all the way, from the moment your delivery is booked, to the moment it is completed.

Always be in the know and make your deliveries seamless with our Same Day courier service and state-of-the-art technology.

Find out more about how you can track and trace your Same Day deliveries then get in touch today at sales@diamondlogistics.co.uk, call 0333 567 5888 or complete the below Contact form.

For more information on what Diamond Logistics can offer you, visit our full Same Day FAQs page.


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