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Despatchlab launches SameDay Courier App

September sees the national rollout of the latest development from Despatchlab, the new SameDay Courier application  ̶  Despatchlab SameDay  ̶  which includes online booking and live vehicle tracking. 

Despatchlab technology started as a bespoke software development for Diamond Logistics which connected local fulfilment centres with live inventory and onward delivery by SameDay, Overnight or International carrier. 

Designed by logistics professionals, Despatchlab succeeded in addressing challenges that existing systems failed to do. The digital platform allows clients to take fulfilment and delivery into their own hands with a single, customisable dashboard. Users can book, track, and manage all courier requirements, express parcels and shipments in one place. 

From 1 September 2021 Diamond Logistics clients can book the SameDay Courier service online  ̶ and it’s easier than making a phone call.  

Users of Diamond Logistics’ Overnight and International services will automatically receive access to the online booking system for Despatchlab SameDay. 


Benefits of Despatchlab SameDay 

  • Online booking: Clients can now book SameDay deliveries online. The Despatchlab SameDay module offers the same booking functionality as Despatchlab Overnight and International services with a paperless trail. 


  • Full visibility: The SameDay module offers live shipment tracking which means clients and customers have full visibility from point of collection to delivery. Diamond’s nationwide network, which has service centres from Plymouth to Glasgow, means the delivery is locked safely within the network and is completely transparent from start to finish


  • Reduces carbon emissions: The SameDay module improves carbon reduction by cleverly utilising Diamond Logistics’ national fleet, maximising vehicle capacity and reducing empty dead mileage, all thanks to live tracking.


  • Complete control: Despatchlab SameDay offers clients complete control of their urgent and important deliveries from shipment to reporting.  Customised dashboards, functions and reporting are based upon each user’s role, so clients can access the data that’s important to them with ease. 


  • Ideal for eCommerce retailers: The new module, plus Diamond’s extensive network, makes it an ideal platform for eCommerce retailers who want to meet the demands of the modern consumer. 


  • Comparative SameDay courier quote: The new module offers a comparative SameDay courier quote as clients process Overnight and International service bookings, which gives users the opportunity to upgrade. 


Rest assured our client service team (real, local people at your local service centre) will remain at your service. But if you need an instant paperless trail, trackability and transparency of every logistics transaction, and instant live proof of delivery – then online booking could well be for you. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Despatchlab or who do not currently have an online booking facility, please email info@diamondlogistics.co.uk with the Despatchlab Sameday in the subject.

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