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Embracing all generations - adding age to your good diversity recipe!





My first Ted talk of 2020 and it’s a very insightful look at the increasing power shift in the workforce and the ability with a little adjustment in perspective for the now 5 generations that are working together to appreciate the positive attributes and age diverse workforce brings to a business.   

Diversity should include age as well as gender, race etc.  I loved the ideas from this talk – appreciating wise eyes as well as fresh eyes, talking about intergenerational pipelines of wisdom, talking about how hard it is to microwave emotional intelligence – and if we appreciate each other how there can be the perfect blend of experience and energy.

Food for thought.

On that note we are looking for a person to join our fulfilment team – would suit a baby boomer as much as a millennial as long as fit and sociable. So apply here today! Details here. Send enquiry to adam.digweed@diamondlogistics.co.uk