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InXpress: courier franchise opportunities

At Diamond, as we seek to build our network, we come across a lot of people trying to become a Network Partner. Really though, what they're looking for is a courier franchise opportunity.

In order to point you in the right direction, we've done a few blogs talking about people in that space.

Primarily the difference with companies such as this, who can appear to be (sort of) our competitors is that they are, in the simplest terms, resellers of carrier services.

You are able to run the business from home, it's quite a low capital start-up, and you don't get exclusive territory. You also don't have to have any experience.

To be 100% clear, to be a Diamond Network Partner you really do need to have logistics experience, including probably running your own courier company, being a delivery service provider or owning a haulage company, or similar. You will need premises. You will need to know your courier from carrier.

If that isn't you then read on and let us tell you about InXpress.


Next, in our list of featured competitors is InXpress. These are a company that does pretty much the same as World Options but they are substantially bigger and very much a global brand.

One thing you can say about InXpress, is that they certainly know their eggs!

They started in America, but have thousands of sites spread across the globe.

They are International and domestic shipping specialists and provide, in their own words, "innovative online shipping services".

Built on over 20 years of insight, they have pioneered "world-class technology that's disrupting traditional shipping services around the globe".

Their franchise model doesn’t require experience – all they ask is "that you are sales-oriented and have an aptitude for business".

They say their rates are competitive because they "have strong relationships with trusted couriers, and access to discounts normally only available to top corporations".

They have relatively few carrier choices and a huge revenue so this sounds accurate in my opinion. The InXpress franchise fee is £35,000 plus VAT. They recommend that you budget for 18 months of living expenses.

You don’t have to have premises, or a team, and you can be a one-person business if you wish, or scale it when you can. If this sounds like it would be of interest you can check them out by visiting their website.

And, of course, if you are looking for something ENTIRELY different – where you’ll need to have logistics experience, have premises or intend to get them, and need three in your team – sales, ops and customer care - then maybe a Network partnership with Diamond Logistics is more your cup of tea. 

Have some questions regarding this? Why not take a look at our FAQ section?

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