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Luxury homeware fulfilment with Latzio

In this latest article, luxury homeware brand Latzio shares their expert opinion on changing homeware trends, and the importance of working with an experienced logistics partner.


What trends are Latzio seeing in the high-end homeware market? How do you expect the market to change in the next five years?

We expect the high-end homeware market to grow substantially.

Customers are constantly seeking new designs via social media and with the option of customisation and faster delivery times, this market is growing at a higher percentage.

We have also noticed new brands and designers entering the market.

Also, the ease of payments with 0% APR via providers such as Klarna are making the repayment process easy.


Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have forced businesses to operate differently. What has changed for you? How has Diamond supported you in achieving operational changes?

Being an eCommerce company meant embracing technology in our workflows from the start. With the onset of the pandemic and lockdowns, we streamlined our processes and kept the communication via video calls with the Diamond team.


How has Diamond supported your growth and the safe delivery of your products?

Diamond has been a crucial partner to our operation and has helped us with important business needs.

Whether it be packaging for fragile products, international shipments, or IT.

This was especially true with the account managers, helping us at every turn.


What should homeware retailers think about when choosing a logistics partner?

The logistics partner is especially important to homeware retailers, the main points would be the 2-man delivery service, a wide network where the homeware can be consolidated in the shipments to lower the outbound costs and collection service for large and bulky products.


What can we expect from Latzio in the next few years?

Latzio’s long term strategy is to expand its product range and explore the Same Day delivery services that Diamond has to offer, which means we will store our most popular goods in multiple warehouses.


KL 50th Bday Vase-1-1A bright future for Latzio

The future is bright for Latzio and we look forward to continuing to support its growth.

You can find out more about them here – but be warned their stuff is very tempting!

PS – To show it really is a small world, it was Kate's birthday recently and unbeknownst to her, her friends had scoured the web to find a vase for all the flowers she enjoys. On Latzio, they found one that was perfect for her. It was an even better gift when it was fulfilled and delivered by Diamond

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