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Neu Oils – a start up with great potential in baby wellbeing

Sharing our clients success stories is part of Diamond's DNA so it’s with great pleasure we showcase a small but ambitious brand launched recently in our Bristol fulfilment centre - again specialising in baby and toddler goods but this time from a health and well being perspective. Introducing Neu Oils. 

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01-Jul-2022 11:44:24

It’s a tough job testing our alcohol eCommerce fulfilment process.....

By Diamond Logistics founder Kate Lester


Sometimes my job is really tough.....particularly as part of my job is to test the eCommerce process of many of our fulfilment clients. And, we seem to have a predominance of drinks brands, particularly in Guildford, my job is to order loads of online booze, which I then feel compelled to enjoy, sharing it with my friends, in my very own bar.....which happens to be at the back of my house! 

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28-Jun-2022 17:12:57

‘The Rum Insiders’ - Diamond Logistics Alcohol Fulfilment UK

Written by Diamond Logistics Founder, Kate Lester.


One of the newest clients to join Diamond Logistics for our alcohol licensed fulfilment is Kromanti Rum, a distillery and blending house run by Cashain David. 

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27-Jun-2022 09:59:23

Diamond Logistics - Despatches June 2022

Welcome to this month’s edition of Despatches.

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16-Jun-2022 12:50:45

Diamond Logistics - Despatches May 2022

Welcome to this month’s edition of Despatches.

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23-May-2022 18:11:24

Amazon sales slow – do DSPs need to diversify?

Amazon has seen incredible growth, well always, frankly, but in the early years of the pandemic it has scaled exponentially and on it grew many Delivery Service Providers – building millions in local revenue by delivering the multitudes of parcels ordered from the worlds largest eCommerce store. 

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23-May-2022 13:50:29

Darcica are finalists for Oxfordshire Business' Environmental Award

The Diamond Network continues its commitment to the environment - with our members in Oxford, Darcia Logistics, being nominated in the Oxford Business Awards.

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18-May-2022 07:57:26

The logistics partner for start-ups

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04-May-2022 13:48:35

Sisi and Seb – A childrenswear fulfilment case study

Inside the warehouse with retailer Sisi & Seb. Carley Bassett, Managing Director of luxury children’s brand Sisi & Seb, shares how her team managed demand during the pandemic and the benefits of outsourcing Fulfilment to Diamond Logistics.

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29-Apr-2022 12:10:49

What you need for great childrenswear fulfilment

Childrenswear Fulfilment is a delicate art.

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29-Apr-2022 12:02:12

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