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Amazon sales slow – do DSPs need to diversify?

Amazon has seen incredible growth, well always, frankly, but in the early years of the pandemic it has scaled exponentially and on it grew many Delivery Service Providers – building millions in local revenue by delivering the multitudes of parcels ordered from the worlds largest eCommerce store. 

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23-May-2022 13:50:29

Darcica are finalists for Oxfordshire Business' Environmental Award

The Diamond Network continues its commitment to the environment - with our members in Oxford, Darcia Logistics, being nominated in the Oxford Business Awards.

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18-May-2022 07:57:26

Diamond Cambridge Network Partner Testimonial


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26-Apr-2022 16:02:34

eFulfilment growth in Mid Wales

In this interview, Sian Jenkins – who leads the Diamond Logistics Mid Wales partnership – discusses the benefits of joining Diamond’s nationwide network.

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25-Apr-2022 12:20:05

Cambridge Diamond Logistics expands with new Eastbourne site

When James Robinson and Frank Coen launched as Diamond Logistics Cambridge mid-Pandemic in October 2020, they had ambitious plans to scale and grow by tapping into the vibrant eFulfilment market.

Less than two years later – and with a number of lucrative contracts behind them – the business partners are expanding Diamond’s reach and their business potential with a new Eastbourne site.

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04-Apr-2022 15:12:09

InXpress: courier franchise opportunities

At Diamond, as we seek to build our network, we come across a lot of people trying to become a Network Partner. Really though, what they're looking for is a courier franchise opportunity.

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22-Mar-2022 12:06:37

RDS: courier franchise opportunities

Diamond Logistics doesn’t sell courier franchises.

We do have Network Partner opportunities, but they aren't for everyone.

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22-Mar-2022 11:40:15

World Options: courier franchise opportunities

Courier franchises are becoming increasingly popular and at Diamond, we are approached by people who want to become a part of our Network Partnership opportunity.

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22-Mar-2022 09:51:46

When is the courier franchise not a courier franchise?

At Diamond Logistics, once upon a time, we used to franchise our Network Partner opportunity to people outside of the industry, who wanted to take advantage of our 20 plus years of expertise and start their own logistics business.

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22-Mar-2022 09:34:14

Why should I become a Diamond Logistics Network Partner?

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24-Feb-2022 16:17:01

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