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Is logistics a good career choice?

Natalie Wainwright, Group Operations Director at Diamond Logistics, shares why she thinks logistics should be the profession of choice.   

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29-Jul-2021 12:33:45

28-82 Logistics joins diamond logistics network

Warwick-based courier – 28-82 Logistics – has joined the diamond logistics network to grow its eCommerce client base and serve customers in the Midlands. 

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20-Jul-2021 11:04:47

10 ways to build a great courier business

In the challenging waters of 2021 and beyond the key to success is diversity, technology, access to a suite of services plus marketing and sales techniques to help you grow. Here’s diamond’s top tips to grow your business. 

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12-Jul-2021 15:45:29

The 7 Ps for Peak Planning

Kate Lester, CEO and founder of Diamond Logistics, on why it’s critical to join as a Network Partner now rather than later.  

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07-Jul-2021 13:43:49

Struggling to find Commercial property for your new Fulfilment Service Centre?

Here’s a few top tips:

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05-Jul-2021 17:46:51

Alcohol fulfilment with Diamond Logistics

diamondlogistics has been licenced fulfillers of alcohol since 2019.  

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30-Jun-2021 16:17:02

Calls for EU nationals to alleviate HGV driver shortage

If Ministers don’t act now, the driver shortage could lead to food waste and inflation. Kate Lester, CEO and founder of diamond logistics, reflects on this urgent issue, and her bold message for Government. 

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29-Jun-2021 15:24:20

The five best links for contacting eBay customer service

eBay has an abundance of useful information on its website to help retailers sell, sell, resolve problems, and sell. To save busy retailers time, eFulfillment expert diamond logistics has pulled together its eBay customer service top 5 tip and links.

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15-Jun-2021 11:24:03

Inside the warehouse with Sacred Gin

In this exclusive interview with Hilary Whitney, co-founder of specialist drinks retailer Sacred Gin, learn about retail trends, beautiful packaging, quick delivery and online cocktail making. 

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01-Jun-2021 06:00:00

What is the best packaging for transporting alcohol?

We speak to Emma Whitaker, diamondlogistics’ packaging specialist, about the best packaging for alcohol products, and the government’s plastic tax.

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01-Jun-2021 06:00:00

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