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The five best links for contacting eBay customer service

eBay has an abundance of useful information on its website to help retailers sell, sell, resolve problems, and sell. To save busy retailers time, eFulfillment expert diamond logistics has pulled together its eBay customer service top 5 tip and links.


1. Best practice for avoiding issues with buyers

When writing your listing, make sure you provide an honest and accurate description of your item and a clear statement of your return policy. This will help prevent problems.

Include your return policy in your listing. If you're happy to accept returns, this can be done automatically. As can issuing refunds and providing return postage. This can make the process a lot easier for the buyer.

When stating your dispatch time, make sure it's realistic. Failing to post the item on time can lead to your item arriving late.

To help you get paid sooner rather than later, and to avoid having to cancel orders because the buyer didn't pay, set your payment preferences to require immediate payment on Buy It Now and Auction listings.

Choose a shipping method with insurance and shipment tracking.

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2. Surfing the Seller Hub

This is a useful place for sellers to spend their time. It’s where you’ll find all of eBay’s listing, reporting, and order management tools in one place. It also gives you a range of data and insights to help sellers up-scale their business. Go to Seller Hub and sign in using your eBay username and password. (By the way it’s free).


3. Global Shipping Programme

eBay says its Global Shipping Programme makes your items available to over 60 million buyers worldwide. It protects sellers from negative feedback, and hands sellers control over which items they want to send through the programme.
With the Global Shipping Programme, you just need to send your item to its UK shipping centre. For all eligible items eBay will manage the international postage and customs process for you.


4) Cancelling orders

Sellers are obliged to complete a sale with a buyer. However, eBay understands that situations will occur in which orders need to be cancelled.

Orders can be cancelled if:
  • The item hasn’t been sent and the buyer asks the seller to cancel the order
  • Sellers have fewer items in stock than they thought
  • The wrong delivery address was used when the buyer purchased the item
  • 4 calendar days have passed since the purchase date and the buyer hasn't paid.

(Some cancelled orders may result in a defect and affect seller performance level.)

Orders can’t be cancelled if:
  • The item has been shipped
  • The buyer reports that the item hasn't arrived or has requested a return

5. Help a buyer with an item they didn't receive

If a buyer’s item goes missing, they're entitled to a refund unless you can provide tracking information proving that it was delivered.

Since 19 October, 2020, in order for a seller to be protected if a buyer opens an item not received case, signature confirmation is required when the total value of an order is £450 or more. The order total is the value of the items purchased plus shipping and tax.

Find the above information in full on eBay’s Customer Service information hub for sellers.
See also diamond logistics’ Helpful tips for starting an eBay business.

If you’d like more information on how eFulfilment expert diamond logistics can help your Ebay Business Grow call 0845 3224 666 or info@diamondlogistics.co.uk




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