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How do you manage avoiding retail shops? By buying online - just like 30% of the UK general public that are now avoiding the high street.

Not good for big names in retail - but GREAT for our warehouses up and down the country who are fulfilling hundreds of independent online businesses.  That's hundreds of consignments a day that pay rent to stay in our warehouse, are picked generating extra margin and despatched.

That's three revenue streams from one consignment.

And the beauty of it? Once you start providing fulfilment to a growing business you become a very valuable asset. Its a very long term business relationship.  No local parcel company reps knocking on their doors under cutting you by 5p a consignment losing the revenue you worked so hard to acquire.

It takes technology - online integration, multiple carriers managed under one platform - and, as you know, we have that too  - in despatchlab. Find out more HERE

As the only logistics franchise in the UK to offer fulfilment, diamond can help you add this invaluable service to your product offering.  

Reason number 2 why 2019 can be the year you transform your business. More reasons to come. But not infinite opportunity.  I am just looking for one partner per area - and when its gone its gone. So don't dilly dally - get in touch today. 

You can get me on 01483 536888 or email me at kate@diamondlogistics.co.uk