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Weirdest Requests For Delivery


I was asked the other day what is the weirdest thing we have had to deliver – well from Paddington bears, to plastic full sized horses, to a part of a real horse's leg, we have seen it all here at Diamond.

Here’s a few things we had to say no to – or offer a same day upgrade – on;paddington

Granny ashes – seriously – someone asked for the cheapest way to get Granny delivered for her memorial service. As the overnight isn’t 100% reliable we suggested that they might want to upgrade to our express same day – collected and chauffeur driven to the destination. Luckily that’s just what the family decided on and ‘Granny’ arrived safely.

Kate’s picked up a frozen Jack Russell – in the days before triple bagging on our veterinary collections it was a heavy load for a rather torn Tesco bag – and they are surprisingly heavy when…well….frozen!

Moving on to less inanimate objects we’ve delivered court papers to angry divorces, rings to ecstatic brides to be and even a sperm donation or two so we really are the ‘family’ courier!

We’ve delivered everything from flowers to fragile cakes, to super urgent passports, pamphlets and proposals for £82m building contracts.  And currently we deliver everything from electronic equipment to documents to building supplies – and everything in between.

So if you need ANYTHING delivered – you know who to call!