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Creating change for the good of our people and the planet

The challenge: Logistics, by its very nature, is not very environmentally friendly. We asked what can we do to improve, and how do we encourage others in our industry to do the same?

Our commitment

We wish to increase our commitment to this aligned with the increasing urgency of addressing this; locally, nationally and globally

To date

  • We have supported our checklist for a green office for over 20 years
  • We currently sponsor 1 sq m Australian rain forests for every 5000 consignments delivered
  • We award and recognise good practice in our network

However we acknowledge it’s not enough…


The technology for electric vehicle is yet to reach a capital nor efficiency neutral perspective in terms of outlay and or efficiency

Vehicles need:

  • Greater capacity
  • Greater range between charges
  • The charging point network to facilitate easier adoption
  • To be more cost effective

If range required is sub 100 for daily use then electric will be evaluated. If outside that diesel will be used and fuel used offset for carbon emissions wholly by 2021.

Directors and sales team (if in fleet cars) will move to hybrid or electric cars by 2021.

Reducing road and air use for meetings and delivery

  • Where possible we meet via Zoom, Skype or similar eliminating road mileage
  • We aim to use public transport where possible
  • We support ride to work via Cycle Scheme
  • We discourage air travel by offering enhanced pricing for more consolidated road or sea deliveries

Our business model is wholly aligned with consolidation and load maximisation philosophies to maximise efficiency and minimise empty loads

  • We look to efficiencies, technology and planning to minimalise impact
  • Local consolidation hubs
  • Utilisation of the spare capacity of existing express parcel delivery networks
  • Subcontractor and co-loading
  • Supported by our logistics platform, despatchlab, we maximise efficiency – tracking vehicles, utilising return loads, maximising efficiency

Selling by digital

  • From sales prospecting to communication we support digital utilisation rather than print based products


  • Carbon neutral – refers to a policy of not increasing carbon emissions and of achieving carbon reduction through offset (for example making a donation or completing carbon positive activities). We wish to minimalise and offset our entire carbon impact and will do so by 2030

  • Carbon net zero – means making changes to reduce carbon emissions to the lowest amount and offsetting as a last resort. We wish to achieve this goal by 2031

Cleaning products and consumables

  • We utilise eco products and recycled products where possible
  • We avoid use single use plastics
  • We partner with packaging companies to ensure where possible the most environmentally prudent products are used by our clients, encouraging recycled products and those made from renewable sources.

Encouraging others

  • We will encourage our network by promoting the green agenda regularly
  • We will promote the green agenda through addition of awards at our annual AGM
  • We will promote this and encourage other in our industry to join us

You can read or download our Carbon Reduction Plan by clicking here

'The Earth is what we all have in common' - Wendell Berry

Every little helps
A few of the changes we have made in 2019/20
Moved to ecologically friendly cleaning products -  supported the green agenda in IoC Meets - contributed to papers for electric vehicle requirements for the logistics industry - added the Green checklist to the diamond standards - changed lights in offices to LED and automatic switch off - committed to the Green agenda being part of our company's Objectives and Key Results - started our shift to electric vehicles acquiring the first 2 for our fleet - promoted remote working, launch and meets to minimalise road miles - built returns load functionality into our proprietal software, despatchlab, to minimalise empty vehicle miles in our network of the future

Progress is impossible without change, and those who can not change their minds cannot change anything - George Bernard Shaw

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