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Join the Diamond network and scale-up your business

What's in it for You?

The tech, the finance and the sales support — to name a few. Hear more on what's included from the Diamond team.



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Calling ambitious courier companies

  • Do you own your own Courier Company?
  • Or are you a Delivery Service Provider?
  • Realise it’s time to diversify your business, but don’t know how?
  • Want to add services to your business? Without another final mile option?
  • Including overnight international, same day courier and the all-important eCommerce storage and fulfilment?

You can improve your existing operations, harness new technologies and secure great input rates with major carriers AND be part of a bold, ambitious national network by joining Diamond Logistics.

Want to book some time for a chat now? You can schedule an appointment directly with Eve Terry, Commercial Development Manager, by clicking here

Retain your independence and scale up business reducing your reliance on your existing client base. How? With great buying rates with all the major carriers, and harness the benefits of our powerful Despatchlab platform that enables you to explore all these new income streams all operated seamlessly on our one-stop logistics technology.

You can build sustainable, repeat customers centrally administered by Diamond. We remove much of the boring but essential finance functions, enabling you to focus on sales, operations and the all-important growth.

We’ll help you launch, manage and operate a successful business, providing training, technology and your very own homepage.

Add that to a proven marketing and sales methodology and it’s a recipe for success.

This is NOT a franchise. It’s a partnership. Between you and your company and our services, technology, and our team. We help you to grow, you help us to grow. It's all about Shared Success © - our core Value.

As Sian Jenkins from Station Couriers Mid Wales says about her Diamond Partnership:

We have been overwhelmed by the support from you and your team. I am so excited about our future with Diamond Logistics and can’t wait to get our space filled!”


All of our network partners are owner managers - just like you, they own their own logistics businesses that they have worked hard to build. They don’t lose control. This opportunity secures their future with service diversification, innovation, and opportunity.

Need more information? Fill in the form and let’s have a chat.

We’ll really look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, you can read a list of Network Partner FAQs, as well as watch some short videos on the subject by clicking here



despatchlab: A feature-rich platform ready to deliver

despatchlab takes fulfilment and delivery to the next level. This smart solution lets you book, track and manage all your courier requirements, express parcels and shipments on one simple platform. But don’t worry, this isn’t a complicated tech platform—there’s help at the end of the phone line to help make life easy for you!

Same Day Courier

Dedicated and direct couriers for your very important deliveries

Overnight & International

Cost-effective multi-carrier solutions for your national and global deliveries


Storage, fulfilment and delivery with local or specialist service centres

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