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diamond logistics are seeking logistics professionals with ambition to start their own business.

A new career in logistics where you create a business where you are rewarded by your efforts. The resources, support and belonging of being part of the diamond family – and the independence to run your business where you enjoy the profits or your labour.

Finally – a solution to the 18 hour days and a huge capital investment of setting up on your own. The ground breaking business model at diamond affords you the business template, technology, carrier accounts,  finance and marketing AND the sales programme thus providing  logistics professionals like you, a scalable enterprise. Combine this with your hard work and its a recipe for  life balance and wealth building.

Your experience in logistics and our franchise is your shortcut to success. 

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diamond logistics is the fastest growing fulfilment and courier company in the UK with 20+ depots. 65th in the FastTrack 100 – its officially the UK’s fastest growing logistics business.

The provision of sameday, overnight and international couriers,  plus our local warehousing and fulfilment means our franchises a have three revenue streams which is essential for business success and crucially STABILITY.

And it’s all B2B with account-holding clients who utilise our services again and again.

So that’s multiple revenue streams from many clients and repeat business.

• We have ‘the best online booking and tracking system in the business’ and that’s a quote from our clients!

• We have ground breaking, innovative and  engaging marketing literature which supports our sales programme to help you build your business

• We have a really thorough franchise training and support programme to make sure every franchisee is well equipped to run their new depot

• And we make sure our franchisees have minimal office based administration so they can focus on selling and running their operation with our centralised billing and credit control.

We are totally invested in our franchisees long term success.  For us it about building a network.

Because when we have reached 40 or so depots we will market our services nationally. Then our founding franchises will benefit from work that is available in their area from national accounts.  And this is really important because many a small courier company owner has seen their market erode as more and more companies have moved to a national services provision.

Now at diamond you can have the very best of both worlds – your own business – but national unity so you can be part of the big national contracts.

And for your clients its doubly sweet too – they get all the logistics help they need – yet with the personalised level of services locally that you can only guarantee from owner led enterprises.  All our franchises really care about their quality of service because their earnings depend on it.  It’s a really special mix.

Our franchise opportunity is unique in that it requires little capital investment – that’s just not the way our business model works. So you don’t even have to own a fleet of vans – although one or two might be nice.

Our on-going commission is up to half that of other courier type franchises.  That’s because it’s important for profit to be devolved from HQ to ensure operational stability of the depots. Shared Success© is our motto at diamond – building mutually beneficial partnerships between couriers, carriers, clients and franchises.

You may have had difficult experiences in other networks.  We know – we have been there too. All we can say is that diamond are different. It is collaborative supportive business. Really different and really exciting.

At diamond we invest heavily in equipping our new depots with all they need to give them the best possible start. You’ll get full business support – from finance, to sales and marketing to operations. You’ll have regular training events, info emails and annual meets to get together with other successful franchises to share your top tips for success. A diamond franchise really is the best of both worlds – your own, independent business but with all the support and guidance you need.

If you’re interested act NOW. This franchise opportunity give geographical exclusivity so once your area has gone – that’s it! Fill out the form today to receive a full brochure.

We’ll really look forward to hearing from you.

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