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What's diamond up to?

diamond partners with businesses with one stop logistics solution incorporating sameday, overnight, international and remote storage and fulfillment.

It’s a non-asset based business with minimal investment in vehicles etc. – it’s just not the way our business model works. We consolidate our overnight and international consignments via the best carriers and provide our own local team to service same day deliveries and fulfillment locally.

What's diamond up to
Building a network via Franchise Partnership

Building a network via Franchise Partnership

Our model is completely different to a traditional franchise model.

diamond logistics owns the client base, providing the franchises with an operational infrastructure controlled by HQ and administering the trade accounts and working capital.

The Franchise are an essential part of the mix providing the local sales and operations and they are paid a commission based on the margin they create from their activity.

When the operational infrastructure is in place, then national accounts will be serviced.

How’s it going?

Really well thanks!


The network is at 25+ sites


With plans to grow to 60+ sites


Potential Franchise Partners

If you are serious about establishing a lucrative and fast growth logistics business then talk to us today, while your postcode is still available.


Investors (but only nice ones)

Looking to take a minority stake in the business – we’ve boot strapped up until now so some serious capital can allow us to super accelerate our growth curve.


Potential team members

Want to do something amazing? Join the team that’s causing a revolution in logistics and share with us this amazing journey.


Media contacts

We’d love the opportunity to spread the love in logistics. We know it’s not renowned for being that sexy but it’s the backbone of UK PLC and we know we are adding something very different to the mix.