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Same Day Delivery FAQs

Nine of our Top Frequently Asked Questions Around Same Day Delivery

1. What is a same day courier?


A same day courier service is for very urgent or high value goods moved in dedicated vehicles from collection point to delivery point. The service gives increased control, enhanced liability cover (usually up to £15,000 per load) and a faster delivery experience.

It's effectively chauffeur driving goods from point A to point B. A dedicated vehicle, or indeed at least a vehicle that's limited to only two or three drops on the way up to the final destination. It means that there's a huge amount of control. The primary difference between same day courier and next day / overnight carrier is only one set of hands that's touching your goods and as a result of that you've got far less margin for error.

If you’ve got something which is really urgent, important, really fragile or high value then the same day couriers, is the one for you. The increased control that you've got over the delivery means that things are very less likely to go wrong. A good metric to measure your need is if the cost of the goods not arriving far outweighs the cost of the delivery, then you need same day courier.

For more information on this, visit our dedicated blog: What is a same day courier?

2. Does ‘same day courier’ mean delivery on the same day?


Primarily yes – dependant on the nature of the delivery. Remember ‘same day ‘ is industry lingo meaning one set of hands on your delivery, which is minimalizing risk and optimising delivery performance.

Same day can actually means same day, dependant on the time you make the booking, and, how far the delivery is going. After all ,we pick up dedicated courier consignments to go all around Europe – and therefore if it is booked ‘same day to Southern Italy – its likely it will arrive in 48 hours or so. Still dedicated – simply accounting for the physical distance of the end destination. Same day should only take as long as the time to drive from collection to delivery.

For more information, visist our dedicated blog: Does same day courier mean delivery on the same day?

3. What is the maximum size of goods I can send?


Same day courier is vehicle specific – and you can fill that vehicle as much or as little as you like. For cost effectiveness select the size of vehicle that optimises the usage – for small consignments small van perhaps – or for a really big consignment we even go up to an articulated lorry.

The rule of thumb to maximise availability is the bigger the vehicle you need, the more notice to give – so if its just a small van or even a LWBTV – Long wheel based transit van – then you can order, and your goods collected within the hour. If a larger vehicle is needed the better the probability of us being able to fulfil your requirements if you give us a bit of notice.

For more information, visit our dedicated blog: What is the maximum size of goods I can send with same day delivery?

4. Is there a cut off for booking a same day courier?


The beauty of same day courier is that if you have an account with diamond you can get a courier 24 hours a day - subject to your service level agreement with your local service centre. It really is the 5th emergency service – available 24/7/365. If you need a Courier 24/7 as your fifth emergency service, then you need to get an account open today.

For more information, visit our dedicated blog: Is there a cut off for booking a same day courier?

5. Is it expensive?


It can actually be cheaper than overnight delivery via carriers. Local deliveries can be cheaper, and full van loads – rather than using an overnight carrier. The most important thing to do is to evaluate the cost of the same day courier against the cost of the goods not arriving. If the cost of the goods not arriving is MORE than the cost of the delivery then it’s a sound financial choice.

In terms of pricing think broadly in terms of a mileage charge from around £1.50 a mile (dependant on vehicle size) plus minimum, drop, congestion and tolls.

For more information on this, visit out dedicated blog: Is using a same day courier expensive?

6. Do I need an account to book sameday?


Not necessarily. We can take credit card bookings, but an account has its advantages – namely better rates, preferential booking at times of peak demand and access to our out of hours service guarnateed.

clearly with an account, if you've got a regular requirement then you know you may be able to achieve some discounts off of the back of you having a. That account with us clear, always one for the bargain down. I'm probably on the other end of the scale. From my perspective, yes, you can book your same day stuff via credit card on any of our main service centre numbers. Ultimately speaking for getting outside of hours, you will need them account an ultimately speaking when we do have paint demand because Sunday can be do reactive dependencies and it is or isn't ideas or before Christmas or whatever it is. Of course, our account customers are going to get priority, so if you want to make sure the very best service at the very best price and then you want to get an account with diving today.

For more information, visit our dedicated blog: Do I need an account to book a same day courier?

7. Can I track the progress of my same day courier package? (1.16 on video)


Yes, you can – via Despatchlab – our one stop logistics platform. Whether it's good in our warehouse, to your picks, to the transit time for your same day courier to the ETA of your international delivery – it is all available online 24 hours a day.

The only exclusions for this – or times that need manual updating are carriers outside the technology of our API integration. This may include some pallet carriers and haulage that haven't quite got with the technology evolution. For these providers we will have to chase the good old-fashioned way (I.e. telephone) so we will manually updated Despatchlab with any updates or proofs of delivery.

For more information, visit our dedicated blog: Can I track the progress of my same day package?

8. What is the difference between diamond and other courier companies?


It’s our ownership, people, culture and technology.

Diamond is a business that has got 30 years heritage, established on the 16th of March 1992, and we have many thousands of combined experience to ensure your goods are delivered. From our HQ to our network around the UK all sites are owner managed and that built in dedication and care means the quality of service is second to none.

The team and our couriers are CRB checked, trained, with many years experiences too so you can be reassured that from a straightforward delivery to a complex multiple drops and all the problem solving required that they have a skill set over and above your standard courier company.

Our Culture focuses on three key tenants – Shared Success © – mutually beneficial partnerships, Diamond delivers – doing exactly what it says on the van and being a great company to work with trust and belong to. It’s a powerful culture and tends to self-select the people who stay and enjoy or go!

When it comes to technology, the power of what we are doing at Diamond is all the above experience twinned with innovation – so we do not brand ourselves as a tech company – although we do have one in our group - but we insist on our technology doing much of the heavy lifting to enable transparent service delivery to be at the forefront of our stakeholder experience.

Our technology unites our sites, our drivers, our warehouses and their contents, our clients' websites/marketplaces, and other operational systems and and all our carriers for a single user interface. It very smart technology to keep the logistics process simple for users. Clever algorithms making your life easier. It will replace logistics management needs and eliminate 99% of your despatch management needs and issues arising.

For more information, visit our dedicated page: What is the difference between Diamond and other courier companies?

9. Who is a good fit to be a diamond same day client?


We have been working with F1 Racing Teams, Department of Health, NHS - and all sorts of businesses in-between – law, healthcare, PR, print plus the vast variety of eCommerce and retail businesses. The key similarity between them is that they need to know their goods are reliable delivered - and if there are problems that Diamond will solve it. And in 99% of the time, we can without reference back to them.

Companies who need to be twinned with a responsible supplier – with 100% supply chain transparency and a focus on delivering with the minimal ecological impact – by maximising vehicle utilisation, minimalising empty (ghost) vehicles and using electric where operationally possible.

And companies that pay. An essential addition from our Financial Director! ;)

For more information, visit our dedicated page: Who is a good fit to be a Diamond dame day client?

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