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Do I need an account to book a Same Day courier?


Once upon a time you needed an account to book a Same Day courier, but today the story is very different. We now have the flexibility of credit card payments within business hours, meaning we can offer our services to everyone.

All you have to do is simply call your local Diamond Logistics service centre, get a quote, and if a time slot is available you can pay upfront for your delivery and have a driver on his way within minutes.


Why Have a Diamond Logistics Account?

There are many advantages to holding an account with Diamond Logistics same day courier.

Firstly, ease of use. When you have an account, you no longer need to provide credit card details every time.

Secondly, you gain priority in times of peak demand. It is obvious that as a company we have to prioritise regular users and therefore when its busy and when you’ll most likely need a Same Day courier, your bookings will have a higher priority than a one off cash user.

Thirdly, security and tracking. With an account you get access to the inimitable Despatchlab to book online and track your consignment from its collection to its delivery. We even provide electronic proof of delivery the moment the parcel has been dropped off.

Finally, you get account terms which is often in the form of 14 days direct debit which ensures your account remains in the green– much to the delight of your accounts person!

Other advantages of holding an account with Diamond Logistics for Same Day courier include, with regular use, possible discounts for volume for economies of scale.

Plus, we get to know the nature of your requirements which enables us to instinctively support your logistics needs.

This familiarity is the reason many companies in the UK rely on Diamond Logistics to handle a large section of their operation. Every service we provide we do so extremely well as our drivers are familiar and well trained in collection and delivery addresses, protocols and process. This is a huge benefit to our customers, especially when it comes to complex logistics.

If you want a Same Day courier, no matter when you need it, for the very best price with availability 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 day a year then apply for an account today at sales@diamondlogistics.co.uk, call 0333 567 5888 or complete the below Contact form.

For more information on what Diamond Logistics can offer you, visit our full Same Day FAQs page.


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