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Will my delivery be insured?


Your goods will be insured as per the standard carrier's terms and conditions of carriage.

The conditions are really varied and have different insurances and values so it is important that you fully understand the different terms of insurance, claims procedure and what happens when something goes wrong.

In the Overnight and International networks occasionally, things go missing or get broken so it's important you understand your rights to claim.


Courier Terms and Conditions



You can see they are very varied and as we have said it is important to make yourself familiar with the claim procedure as 2% of deliveries go wrong.

When they do, if you do need to claim you need to be aware of time for submission, conditions of insurance claim and value – which may not equate to the value of goods insured.


Diamond Logistics Insurance

There is an ability sometimes to upgrade for more insurance on individual carriers – if that is possible you will have the option to do so on Despatchlab.

Some of our clients add a layer of reassurance by self-insuring their more precious goods/items.

And of course, at Diamond Logistics you can upgrade seamlessly your urgent, important, or irreplaceable consignment to Diamond’s Same Day courier service which comes with £15,000 insurance per consignment as standard.

£15000 covers the whole consignment and not just the individual item, so again, check it is the right cover for you. Diamond can arrange same day courier extra insurance when required.


Insurance Just In Case

Please note: in 98% of cases overnight or international delivery will be swift, cost-effective and smooth.

Due to the complexity of the consolidation process involved in Overnight and International shipping though, sometimes things can go wrong. It is always best to be prepared and understand your losses, add additional insurance, or book a dedicated courier.

If you want to know more, then why not visit our Overnight and International delivery FAQs page?

If we can help you in the maze that is carrier insurance and cover for your consignment, get in touch today at sales@diamondlogistics.co.uk, call us on 0333 567 5888 or complete the below Contact form:


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