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Overnight and International Delivery FAQs

Nine of our Top Frequently Asked Questions Around Overnight and International Delivery

1. What is Next Day Delivery?


When people talk about next day delivery are they really talking about delivering the very next day? Is next day delivery the same as overnight delivery? It can be confusing to a novice in logistics.

Next day delivery really talks about the methodology of delivery as well as the timing. Next day delivery suggests that a consignment is picked up from your premises and collated at a local hub with lots of other packages and then trunked up to a main sortation hub somewhere in the centre of the country. It will then be shipped to the nearest local hub (to its end delivery destination) and then finally delivered via a courier for the vital last mile to it’s end destination.

You can read more about this here: What is next day delivery? 

2. What Items Can I Send Through Overnight or International Delivery Networks?


From post to pallet, we have a solution for you. Classically our typical consignment is a well packaged, flat edged goods that are non-hazardous and replaceable are good for overnight or international delivery. Ideally under 30kgs in total, or at least under 15kg per box.

We also send lots of goods out in jiffy bags – primarily clothing or soft furnishings. And you can send our envelope, you can send a pallet.

There are some goods that are not good for overnight delivery: precious or irreplaceable, hazardous or flammable goods, fragile or poorly wrapped are a no no.

For more information on this, visit our dedicated page: What items can I send on an overnight service?

3. How Does a Next Day Delivery Work?


The journey of your consignment overnight or next day is this. It will be collected from your business premises by your local Diamond courier, possibly in a long wheelbase Transit van. It will then be taken into a local servce centre for consolidation, possibly onto a HGV, and then trunks to a central UK location b (for our UK based clients) whereby it will be sorted into various onward vehicles taking it to the local delivery depot closest to the end destination. There, it will then be sorted once again and placed onto smaller vehicles for that vital last mile delivery. Next day delivery or overnight shipping is quite complicated, and the process takes time which is why 24 hours is the minimum that elapses between the in putting of your parcel into the delivery carrier or networks and the final delivery. The cycle is broadly 24 hours hence the name ‘overnight’ or ‘next day delivery’.

You can find more about his topic here: How does overnight shipping work? 

4. Will My Overnight Delivery Be Insured?


Your goods will be insured as per the standard carrier's terms and conditions of carriage. They are really difference so it important that you fully understand the different terms of insurance, claim procedure and what happens when something goes wrong. In the overnight and international networks occasionally, things go missing or get broken so it is important you understand your rights to claim.

Some of our clients add a layer of reassurance by self-insuring their more precious goods/items. Or the upgrade urgent, important of irreplaceable consignment to diamonds same day courier service which comes with £15 000 insurance per consignment as standard.

For more information, visit our dedicated page: Will my delivery be insured?

5. Do I Need an Account to Book with Diamond for Overnight Delivery?


You do not need an account to work with Diamond - so if you have an emergency and we can help you out then please do get in touch. But you will not have access to Despatchlab for the management of your consignment.

Also, we are not really a consumer direct brand – we work with business users who use couriers weekly at the very least, so we are not a good fit for someone wanting us to collect an eBay purchase. There are lots of other courier companies who are good at this – in fact we have useful blog to point you in the right direction HERE (insert alternative courier companies to diamond logistics) blog

Account holding has lots of benefits – Despatchlab access, bespoke tariff suited to your requirements, preferential treatment in peak times and much more. See if you qualify today.

You can apply for an account here via our application form

6. How Much Will a Next Day, Overnight or International Delivery Cost?

There are literally 1000’s of different prices for our multiple carrier deliveries dependant on many factors including the size of the consignment, where it is going, how much it weighs, what size it is, what carrier you choose (or is chosen for you via Despatchlab based on your system preferences) and whether you want enhanced insurance or not. And finally, the method of delivery - by road or by sea. Add that to our different carrier options – Royal Mail, Hermes, DHL Express, DHL Global, TNT, Fedex, DPD or Diamond Logistics.

Frankly, our pricing proposals need to be bespoke to your needs – how much you despatch per week and where is goes can impact on your tariff a lot – so best to get in touch for your proposal doc today. Warning: it can be encyclopaedic in appearance so get one of Diamonds logistical specialist to guide you through it.

To reassure you we have overnight deliveries starting from under £2 and upwards (subject to your choice of carrier). So cost effective indeed!

You can find out more here: How much will a next day delivery cost?

For all pricing information, please visit our pricing page.

7. Can I Track the Progress of my Overnight or International Delivery?


Account clients via their very own log in at www.despatchlab.tech

Not only can you book you consignment here, but you can get prices, check all your despatches regardless of different carriers used all in one place and access our same day services too. All with live tacking.

If you are not an account holder you will be issued with a consignment number which you will be able to input to trace.

8. What Documents Do I Need to Prepare for International Shipping?


The great thing about using Diamond and the inimitable Despatchlab – our one stop logistics platform - is that most of the international paper work is done for you. It’s not been easy navigating the stormy waters of trade post Brexit so we have strived constantly to automate this within our system so that you know that your consignments are despatched with all the paperwork intact – as long as you make sure you put in the right details at point of booking.

9. Who is an Ideal Client for Diamond's Overnight and international Delivery Services?


Diamond is very much a courier for business so we are best positioned to work with other business rather than individuals, albeit if you are stuck then of course we will try to help. But really to get the best of us you need a business account, with tailor made rates built in to Despatchlab to maximise your client experience.

Businesses with a mixed freight profile, who want to concentrate their spend and minimalise their delivery management benefit a lot from our services, and particularly people who need a strong logistics partner to help them manage their logistics needs will enjoy it.

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Why use diamond Fulfilment?

  • It grow with your business: you can rent a few pallet spaces for a dozen shipments a month, or send thousands globally
  • It’s local: with service centres across the UK, you can keep your stock close at hand
  • It’s transparent: with despatchlab, you can keep a close eye on your inventory and deliveries
  • It’s personal: we know the challenges of starting a small business, so we’ll tailor a solution that works best for you
  • It’s flexible: whether you want instant, same-day delivery or international shipping, we’ve got your covered

despatchlab: the tech that makes fulfilment and delivery easy, for you

despatchlab takes fulfilment and delivery to the next level. This smart solution lets you book, track and manage all your courier requirements, express parcels and shipments on one simple platform. But don’t worry, this isn’t a complicated tech platform—there’s help at the end of the phone line to help make life easy for you!

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